Tsawwassen is a delightful town in the South Delta area of British Columbia, not far from Ladner, White Rock, and Surrey. With beautiful parks and quaint shops, it’s rich with history and culture.

But when tragedy strikes, or stress depletes, a person needs counselling in Tsawwassen, just like anywhere else.

Studies have shown that 6.5% of Canadian youth suffer with depression. 7% of seniors in Canada are depressed, and twice as many women as men succumb to symptoms of depression. Tsawwassen residents are not different, but fall into these same statistics.

There are two primary treatments for counselling depression. CBT and Interpersonal therapy are both used effectively, and medication can be prescribed by a physician to help the therapy more effective. It’s been determined that the combination of anti-depressant medication combined with counselling produces a much more effective outcome than either one by itself.

I can help you with counselling in Tsawwassen for your depression. The right therapist can help you change the way your thinking patterns promote depression so you can think in healthier ways and feel better a lot more of the time.

Read the list of symptoms below and see if you may have any 5 from this list.  Depression is treatable, and in Tsawwassen counselling for your depression needs to be with a therapist who’s trained to help you bring the change into your life that’s needed.

Call me for a consultation today. I can  help you feel better and enjoy your life again.