serene beach washes away anxiety, enriches relationship

Wishing Your Relationships Could Be More Fulfilling?

Wondering if Life Should Be Happier Than It Is?

Worry and Anxiety Weighing You Down? 


Congratulations! Just by finding your way to this site, you’ve taken an important step toward making a positive change.

Moods can be enjoyable … or tough to manage

If you feel listless and without hope, that life has lost its taste … a bit like eating a bowl of cardboard … things can change faster than you think.  If you’re hassled by a gnawing feeling that something bad is going to happen, and it’s so strong at times you can’t enjoy the people you’re with or anything else, there’s a reason for that. And you can change the way you feel. With help.

Relationships can make life good … or they can be overwhelming to bear

Maybe your primary relationship  has become cold and distrusting, or there is so much conflict you can’t remember why you came together. Or maybe friends or extended family members are robbing your home life of peace and harmony. There are countless reasons that life can be wrung dry of its joy.

Toxic sibling relationships, anxious feelings, infidelity, clinical depression, night terrors, general anxiety disorder, listlessness, loss of interest in things you enjoy, self help, medication, psychiatry, therapy, counselling … What does it all mean, and where can you go to sort it all out?  Arrrgghhhh!

Talk therapy with the right therapist can make all the difference

Well, you’ve come to the right place, and this is exactly the best way to get the support and fresh perspective on your situation to make solutions reachable and reasonable. You CAN bring change into your life, and develop it into the life you want. You can feel alive again, hopeful and excited. Good days are ahead.

Come on in – the water’s fine

I know the idea of  counselling can be intimidating, especially if this is the first time you’ve considered it.  I do understand! Many others before you have felt the same way, but have also found that working with a professional therapist can be tremendously helpful once they take that step.  My clients often comment that they wish they had started earlier so they could have enjoyed feeling better, much sooner.

Whatever the issue or challenge you’re facing that prompted you to seek out a therapist, I can usually help.  If you’re dealing with an issue that doesn’t fall within my expertise, I know a number of qualified professionals in the area with varied specialties, and will gladly refer you to one of them, as appropriate.

Contact me in the South Delta, BC area to make an appointment for counselling or to arrange a 15-minute consultation at no charge.  I look forward to meeting you and getting started to work with you to calm the rough waters and build a better and happier life for you.

My office is conveniently located for counselling residents of Tsawwassen –  Ladner – Delta –  Whiterock – Surrey, BC

rough waters in relationships can be calmed  through counseling