Anxiety:  Empowering … or Paralyzing?


That gnawing edginess that says something is about to go terribly wrong.Gripping anxiety can paralyze

The feeling you just can’t do the job before you.

The choking discomfort when walking into a room full of people.

Sound familiar?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable response that can be either motivating … or debilitating. In small doses, it helps us prepare for a test or presentation, to do what’s needed to perform. But, in some people, the anxiety faucet is turned wide open, and the discomfort is so distracting and overwhelming, it becomes nearly impossible to function.

Anxiety – in overdrive – is one of the most common mental heath conditions, affecting 18% of the population. It includes, but is not limited to, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and fear focused on a specific thing or situation, also known as a phobia.

Examples of phobias include: social phobias, fear of flying, elevators, spiders or snakes, fear of being in a crowd, fear of enclosed spaces and fear of leaving the house, to name a few.  Phobias can also be associated with PTSD, depression, or anxiety.

The good news is that most Anxiety Disorders respond well to talk therapy, or a combination of talk therapy and medication.

When Does It Make Sense To Get Help With Anxiety?

We all worry about things. Anxiety is a completely normal, helpful human emotion designed to keep us alert to threats which might cause us harm.  Feeling some level of fear about meeting new people, getting onto a plane or seeing a spider is understandable.  Most people have experienced an occasional ”twinge” of nervousness at relieved of anxiety, feeling free againthose times.

However, if you avoid important social gatherings, flying to an important business meeting, checking that the front door is locked so many times that you are late for important appointments or avoid a room where you saw a spider three weeks ago, the fear stops being protective and becomes debilitating.

When the anxiety becomes constant and/or so overwhelming that it prevents us from living our lives in the way we want to or keeps us from achieving our goals, that is when it is time to seek help.

Good News:

You can feel better, and enjoy life more, with counselling. Anxiety can make you feel out of control and overwhelmed. But with help, you’ll feel like your life is yours again.  By talking about your anxiety and fears,  we can work together to develop a more relaxed and enjoyable life for you. Contact me here to making a counselling appointment, or to arrange a free consultation.

The Next Step On The Path To Feeling Better Is To Get Help:

Anxiety free, relaxed, happy

You don’t have to live this way anymore. You can feel better and enjoy your life.

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For more comprehensive information on Anxiety Disorders, please see the US National Institutes of Mental Health Website

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