Talking Liberates.


Talking through fears or heartbreak with the right therapist can liberate you to function in a new way with more CBT talk therapy brings freedomconfidence and freedom. We call it talk therapy because you and the therapist work together to gain healing for you. One form of talk therapy is CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy. The underlying idea with CBT is that our thoughts drive our behaviours, so to change behaviours, we need to change our thoughts.

Things happen in our lives that can wound us and our reaction to those things is usually to protect ourselves from being hurt in the same way again. Unfortunately, that hurt results in our going overboard to protect ourselves, in ways that interfere with our lives and relationships.

For instance, if you felt fearful of flying, you might think and read a great deal about plane crashes, air disasters, control tower malfunctions, and more. As a result, your fear of flying would grow stronger and more compelling until it interfered with your confidence in air travel.  To avoid facing that fear, you might begin avoiding opportunities to fly. At the same time, if your job required you to travel periodically, this fear would become an obstacle to your functioning in your job.

As a cognitive behavioural therapist, I can help you talk about when and how the fear began. In doing that, we can work together to identify the beliefs you’ve adopted about air travel that are interfering with your life. It’s important at this point to learn how thoughts, feelings, and situations can contribute to the behaviors you’ve developed that are holding you back. With patience and determination you’ll learn things about yourself that will help you make changes toward feeling better and having more freedom.

In time, we’ll work together to find ways for you to practice liberating responses to these situations so you can form new responses, new beliefs, and new feelings about air travel.

It takes time, patience, and practice, but gradually through CBT, your responses change to fit the new beliefs you’ve worked to embrace.  And the fears that interfered with your life become far less powerful.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is  a type of talk therapy, but the best way to experience the benefits of therapy is to come and and talk with me about those things that interfere with your life.

Let’s find freedom for you. 

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