couple in harmony togetherRelationships built to last


We’ve all been there:  Relationships can be hard work sometimes, even with your soulmate!

A Good Couple’s Counsellor Will Work With Both of You to:

  • Identify and celebrate what the two of you do well together, and build on those successes
  • Identify what unintended barriers may exist which prevent both of you from getting more of what you want in your relationship
  • Help you make a plan and learn tools to sustain improved communication and intimacy together

There is no shame in seeking couples counselling. Any endeavor in life requires preparation and continuing education. When couples make the opportunity to evaluate and learn more productive ways of relating to each other and resolving conflict, they’re investing wisely in their relationship and future. Couples therapy is an expression of love. It says you’re making your relationship priority,  that it’s worth your effort and time.

My Philosophy For Couples:peaceful companionship

From the onset, I assume you’re intelligent, highly capable individuals who don’t need to be ‘fixed.’  You and your partner got together, and committed to each other, for a reason.

I believe you have the strengths and intellect necessary to succeed together.  And, you may have reached a point in your relationship where you and/or your significant other can use a little outside perspective, and more information to help you get to the next level.

On rare occasions, it comes to light that the relationship is destructive to one or both parties, and it’s needful to end a toxic relationship and find peace separately. No matter what your issues, I can help you walk through them and come to resolution standing and ready to move forward.

My practice sees couples who have been together for just a few months, and those who’ve been with each other for decades.  Issues we have handled together have ranged from:

  • communication challenges
  • parenting styles/blending families/in-lawsHappy lesbian couple with child
  • career stress
  • pre-marital preparation
  • money
  • interfaith issues
  • sexuality
  • affairs
  • preventing a break-up
  • negotiating post-break-up
  • parenting post-divorce
  • substance abuse
  • mental health/depression

Many couples find that 4-6 sessions are enough to see a positive change, but every case is unique.  You may want more or fewer sessions.

Contact me for a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge.

My counselling office is  conveniently located to serve  Tsawwassen –  Ladner – Delta –  Whiterock – Surrey, BC