Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy


Do you have traumatic, painful memories that torment you and sabotage your life and relationships?

Have you seen or experienced things that you can’t forget, that affect the way you respond to routine occurrences, like a loud noise or a pat on the back?

Maybe you’ve experienced combat in the battlefield that left you traumatized, or “combat” in your home, or an traumatic combat can lead to PTSDautomobile or plane accident. This kind of trauma can be caused by a myriad of things, but you just can’t seem to get over it and move on. It affects everything, and impedes your success in your job, your stability in your life, your security in your relationships.  The painful memories can be associated with anxiety, depression, disruption of your work life, and interference in your relationships.

EMDR is a special therapy developed to help people like you. It involves eight steps we can work through together, but the point of it is to relieve the pain and fear you experience from that traumatic memory.

Used in some cases of PTSD in both adults and children, this method of treatment has been remarkably effective in desensitizing the effects of past traumatic memories. It’s shown encouraging results with children who’ve been abused, also. Even the trauma of a vicious divorce can leave someone in a PTSD – type state. EMDR can be helpful in all these situations.Abused children need treatment for battered hearts

If you have an interest in this therapy, I’m glad to discuss it with you and answer your questions. If I see opportunities in our work together where I believe it will benefit you, we can discuss it then, also.

If you’ve experienced painful, debilitating trauma, don’t try to overcome it alone.
Call me for a consultation and let’s find solutions for you.

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