Weird word.  But what does it mean? It originated in Spain and describes the part of the bullring where the bull takes Finding home in your heartits stand. But what does that mean to you and me?

Derived from the spanish words for “lair” and “home ground” … it refers to that place where we find love, peace, support, respite, contentment. When the battle has ended, or the barn has been built, where do you go to rest and rejuvenate? We say that home is where we hang our hat… maybe it’s more true that home is where we restore ourselves. It has to be a place where we’re ultimately comfortable, at ease with ourselves and our surroundings.

And if being at ease with ourselves is an element of querencia, then maybe our real home is inside our own hearts. That place where we learn, and grow, and battle controversy, and discover our real identity. Where we learn to be our own best friend, so we can befriend others effectively. Where we learn to love ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and heal ourselves … so we can do the same in turn for others.

And it’s our hearts we take with us wherever we go…wherever we hang our hat. So maybe what we really seek is our querencia within our querencia.

What is your querencia?